Email Marketing

For today’s nonprofit organizations, Email Marketing is all the rage. And when it’s this easy to create effective, affordable email campaigns that are branded to your organization, what’s not to love?

‘Typical’ email marketing products are a dime a dozen. But we took a different approach to email marketing, catering a solution that fits your organization like a glove.

Start with a custom-made template that matches your brand. Combine that with an easy-to-use system for managing contacts and creating campaigns, and you’re soon to be an Email Marketing connoisseur.


Managing your contacts is as easy as Candyland, as the Audience tool allows you to quickly import or add volunteers, donors and supporters that can be easily segmented and searched. How sweet is that?


With a provided design, several layout options and intuitive click-and-build screens, any old-timer can create stylish, personalized HTML campaigns. Hear that? Grandpa’s got skillz.


This clever little tool provides you results in real time, so you can analyze information about who received, opened, clicked through and forwarded your message. With this much knowledge, you’ll be one smart cookie in no time.