Content Management System

Now you can provide an unlimited stream of up-to-date content for your supporters by updating your website text and images anytime, without a programmer.

Content Manager is an easy-to-use, web-based content management system that allows you to update your site 24/7.

With our simple point-and-click system, it’s quick and easy to update website text and images without a programmer. And with search engines on top of everyone’s mind, this tool gives you total SEO control.

Who’s the expert now, huh?

Save up to 15% in your communications budget and as much as 20% in event and membership administration costs.

South Central Michigan Works!

"It was extremely costly for us to have a web designer constantly working on our site and the drawback was that we were at his mercy as to when the content would actually go up on the site. I LOVE that I have the control. We couldn't be more pleased!"

Sarah Hartzler, President
South Central Michigan Works
Hillsdale, MI

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