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Room Rentals


We trust you and want you to enjoy our space. But with all good things, there are some rules you need to follow. Here’s the lowdown. 

Security Deposit
This deposit is fully refundable. In fact, we won’t charge your credit card or cash your check if you clean up afterwards, leaving the space in essentially the same condition it was in when you arrived. If needed, Firespring will charge a security deposit of $100 for groups with the capacity of 25 and under, and $200 for a capacity of 25 and up.
Name a Host(ess)
Identify a host whose responsibility is to greet attendees at the door, let them in if your event is after hours as our doors will be locked and show them the way to the meeting room.
Keep Doors Locked
For security reasons, don’t unlock the front doors during non-business hours. This prevents unwanted visitors entering. Please have your host stand by the front door to open for guests as they arrive.
Clean Up
Please allow 30–40 minutes for cleaning up. For example, if your event is done at 8:00 p.m., on the request sheet, please indicate 8:30 p.m. as an ending time. This helps the Firespring host know how long you plan on using our facility. A checklist will be provided to you on how to clean the specific room you have reserved.
Please have your guests park in the front parking lot or on the grass lot located on the north side of Firespring (between Brester Construction Company and Woof!). Everyone must enter through the front entrance doors, as all other entrances are off-limits. If your event has many attendees, please consider carpooling, as there are limited parking spaces.
Keep the Walls Clean
If you have a sign to post, let us know. We are not opposed to taping it on one of the neighboring glass doors or windows. Just be sure to remove all remnants when you are done.
Glitter-free Zone
We love glitter but we love our carpet more. It’s off-limits in this venue.
Technical Difficulties
Our team of tech specialists maintains the technology in the room. If the A/V setup doesn’t meet your requirements, please don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Notify your meeting host and a team member will come a-runnin’ to take care of you.
Unless otherwise explicitly indicated, beverages and other supplies in the break room are not available for meeting attendees. You are welcome to use our vending machines located in the break room. We also have dispensers that we can fill with water. We do offer to brew Folgers coffee, or you can bring in your own ground coffee and we will gladly brew it for you.
The Slide
The slide is off-limits unless accompanied by the Firespring host. Certain areas of the building may be on alarm.
Don’t Wander
Unless you’re accompanied by your meeting host, stay in the vicinity of the meeting rooms and front entrance. This is for liability reasons; we don’t want anyone to get hurt!
First Name
Last Name