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The ROI of Why

Seeking to uncover the correlation between purpose and business, The ROI of Why explores all things impact-related within different markets and sectors.

Every week, Angie and Andrew investigate the growing shift that is placing people over profits. The two connect with business owners, entrepreneurs and influential members of organizations to better understand what drives their business models to place a heavy emphasis on doing good within their communities, their markets and the world.

Listen in to learn how consumers have immense power to influence brands to do good and how movements like 1% For The Planet can make the world better through the holiday season and beyond.

Angie and Andrew discuss the ways consumers and employees have developed a need for purpose and how that’s changing our understanding of what business can do.

Listen in to discover how purpose motivates and inspires, and how to identify a purpose that represents every member of your team.

This week, we sit down with Amy to discuss how she built a culture of giving in GitGo and how she chose to expand GitGo’s purpose into a partnership with The Set Me Free Project, a human trafficking prevention organization.

Join us as we unpack the most goosebump-inducing moments of the conference and discover the ways any company can do more good by their employees, customers and community.

Listen in to learn how Graham helps businesses build their purpose and giveback structures and discover the unique ways Conscious Capitalism, 1% for the Planet, Benefit Corporation status and B Corp certification can each help organizations be beacons of good.

Learn how McCarty farms promotes all forms of sustainability to ensure their business, environment and people are thriving for years to come.

In this week’s episode, learn how Lance anchors his strategies in purpose to energize brands and ignite connections between fans.

Tony Goins, director of economic development at the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and founder of Capital Cigar Lounge, believes everything can be a chance to learn and serve others. Learn about Tony’s synergistic coaching style and discover the enduring power of purpose.

Join us as we explore the Conscious Capitalism movement and leadership with Rand Stagen.

Hear how saying “no” has empowered the Disney brand to remain true to itself and how the impact of the four Hs allows it to keep producing entertainment with heart.

Hear how Kevin Hancock’s personal journey and experience at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation propelled Hancock Lumber to a more employee-centric business culture.

Hear what inspired Daycos to commit their business to do more good and how putting the decision in the hands of their employees has made everyone more accountable to their mission.

In this week’s episode, Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Peer shares how developing a diverse field of cadets has changed her view of relationships in the workplace.

Hear Jay Coen Gilbert, one of the three co-founders of the Certified B Corporation movement and B Labs, discuss his call for a reformation to capitalism.