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The ROI of Why

Seeking to uncover the correlation between purpose and business, The ROI of Why explores all things impact-related within different markets and sectors.

Every week, Angie and Andrew investigate the growing shift that is placing people over profits. The two connect with business owners, entrepreneurs and influential members of organizations to better understand what drives their business models to place a heavy emphasis on doing good within their communities, their markets and the world.

For the last episode of season one of The ROI of Why, we’re celebrating all the good we’ve discovered in our business community by looking back on our favorite conversations on this show. We’ll share the moments that inspired and enlightened us—and how we can apply these lessons to the unique world we live in now.

These are tough times for everyone, but nonprofits can’t just pause their mission—those they serve still need them. GivingTuesday, the organization that usually facilitates charitable donations the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, has created GivingTuesday to take some pressure off concerned nonprofits. On Tuesday, May 5, GivingTuesday is hosting an online giving event that allows you to give to your local nonprofit organizations. Today, we’re discussing Firespring’s and Do More Good’s roles in GivingTuesday and how we can help nonprofits utilize the resources GivingTuesday provides.

Electronic Contracting Company has provided custom designed electronic solutions to clients across the Midwest for over 60 years. Part of the reason they’ve survived for so long is willingness to adapt without compromising their service or vision. Matt Thorne, the executive vice president of Electronic Contracting Company, has been with the company for 24 years and is helping usher its culture into a new era. This week, Matt talks us through the process of redefining company culture by getting all team members involved in identifying company core values. When core values come from within and reflect the reality of all team members, everyone can take ownership of the principles that drive their purpose.

Allo is a fiber optic internet, phone and cable provider powered by hundreds of team members based across Nebraska and Colorado. Allo’s core values—be honest, exceptional, local and hassle-free—are not only a reminder of what Allo stands for, they drive how the company acts and grows. Our guest this week, Dave Miller, Allo’s director of ethical engagement, discusses how and why core values should be a powerful driving force in any company.

Today at the round table of purpose and impact, we are joined by Randy Hawthorne and Graham Pansing Brooks to talk all things Launch Leadership. This week, we discuss the power of developing leadership from a young age to build a stronger, more purposeful future.

In such a strange time as this, it’s not strange for individuals and organizations to feel a bit lost. Today, we would like to discuss some of the organizations we’ve seen go above and beyond to serve others in hopes of bringing our ROI of Why community some hope and inspiration.

Graham Pansing Brooks joins us on the podcast once again this week with a treasure trove of knowledge from the Stagen Reunion—a conference for businesses who plan for the long, long game. Companies move quickly these days, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in planning through generations and legacy.

Every day, your audiences are bombarded by endless content on the endless scroll of social media. It’s not hard to understand why people can feel social media fatigue—and why they cope by tuning out the majority of what they see. To cut through that endless scroll and really connect with someone must take magic then, right? Well in this day and age, a thoughtful, creative, intentional paid social post can be your magic. In this final installment of our social media storytelling series, we’ll be talking about how to harness the immense potential of social media advertising in ways that truly resonate with your audience. We’ll share our tips and tricks about how to create social media ad campaigns that actually accomplish your goals and move your brand forward.

As we discussed in the first installment of this miniseries, social media has so many awesome capabilities beyond just asking your audience to buy your goods and services. Selling shouldn’t always be your top priority on social—but eventually, you gotta turn that devoted follower into a devoted customer.

There are several competing philosophies about what social media engagement is and how to measure it. Tracking a number of likes, shares or comments is a valuable piece of engagement, but it’s part of something even bigger.

Over the next four weeks, we’re taking a dive into the wild world of social media strategy with a focus on powerful storytelling. Week 1 is all about value-driven content—the fun, useful, intentional content that hooks your audience by giving them a taste of the wisdom you have and they need.

All of us—individuals, brands, nonprofits, movements—have a story. This week, we discuss how storytelling is a key way organizations can create genuine community on social media.

In business and life right now, there seems to be a need for speed and immediacy. While moving quickly can be an essential skill, we want to talk about the value of planning, vision and tenacity for the 2020s.

People don’t like to be sold to. On the other hand, people love to learn and become empowered to make their own decisions, especially purchases. This week, we talk about social media’s unique ability to tell authentic stories, add value for customers and tie a brand genuinely to its purpose.

The meetings grind and distraction-ridden environments we’ve created for ourselves can lead to bad tendencies, hollow statements and communication breakdowns. But if we retrain to be more mindful, intentional and vulnerable, we can see work in a whole new light.

In order to change the culture of work to better fit modern families, we need start by changing our perspectives on how work should be conducted. This week, we think beyond the 40-hour work week and discuss different ways businesses can maximize their resources to give employees more balanced, fulfilling lives.

Chasing career dreams is more possible than ever, but a side effect of this thriving entrepreneur landscape is a romanticization of overwork. This week, we discuss burnout, overwork and ways to combat them with efficiency and purpose to build a more focused, sustainable workforce.

This week, we chat with Jessica about how she came upon the idea of Job Share Connect and why she thinks job sharing can reshape the culture of work to maximize talents and lead to more fulfilling lives.

Learn how you can use some current trends to improve your organization while increasing its impact and how to avoid certain trends that may inhibit purpose.

How can we genuinely commit to goodness beyond the holidays? The warm kindness of the holiday season naturally lends itself to helping others, but that generosity shouldn’t be confined to just a few weeks.

Listen in to learn how consumers have immense power to influence brands to do good and how movements like 1% For The Planet can make the world better through the holiday season and beyond.

Angie and Andrew discuss the ways consumers and employees have developed a need for purpose and how that’s changing our understanding of what business can do.

Listen in to discover how purpose motivates and inspires, and how to identify a purpose that represents every member of your team.

This week, we sit down with Amy to discuss how she built a culture of giving in GitGo and how she chose to expand GitGo’s purpose into a partnership with The Set Me Free Project, a human trafficking prevention organization.

Join us as we unpack the most goosebump-inducing moments of the conference and discover the ways any company can do more good by their employees, customers and community.

Listen in to learn how Graham helps businesses build their purpose and giveback structures and discover the unique ways Conscious Capitalism, 1% for the Planet, Benefit Corporation status and B Corp certification can each help organizations be beacons of good.

Learn how McCarty farms promotes all forms of sustainability to ensure their business, environment and people are thriving for years to come.

In this week’s episode, learn how Lance anchors his strategies in purpose to energize brands and ignite connections between fans.

Tony Goins, director of economic development at the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and founder of Capital Cigar Lounge, believes everything can be a chance to learn and serve others. Learn about Tony’s synergistic coaching style and discover the enduring power of purpose.

Join us as we explore the Conscious Capitalism movement and leadership with Rand Stagen.

Hear how saying “no” has empowered the Disney brand to remain true to itself and how the impact of the four Hs allows it to keep producing entertainment with heart.

Hear how Kevin Hancock’s personal journey and experience at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation propelled Hancock Lumber to a more employee-centric business culture.

Hear what inspired Daycos to commit their business to do more good and how putting the decision in the hands of their employees has made everyone more accountable to their mission.

In this week’s episode, Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Peer shares how developing a diverse field of cadets has changed her view of relationships in the workplace.

Hear Jay Coen Gilbert, one of the three co-founders of the Certified B Corporation movement and B Labs, discuss his call for a reformation to capitalism.

Ed O’Boyle of Gallup joins Angie and Andrew to explore the energy and passion that fuels purpose and his views around driving change within the walls of an organization and the markets they serve.

Angie and Andrew connect with Physicians Thrive to discuss their motivation to develop a mobile app that pairs fitness tracking with financial donations to fund vision correction on a global scale.

Angie and Andrew connect with Chad Kilpatrick and Andrea Wolfe to discuss the growth of Spreetail, the power of impact and the driving impetus of the organization’s drive to do more good in the world.

The first of many conversations from the Do More Good Conference, this week’s episode of the ROI of Why explores purpose, impact and culture from the perspective of Michelle Kinder. Michelle is a speaker, writer, consultant, coach and the former executive director of Momentous Institute.

Angie and Andrew connect with Firespring founder and CEO, Jay Wilkinson. Jay is a visionary and has dedicated the lion’s share of his life to doing more good in the world.

Angie and Andrew discuss their backgrounds and the inspiration for launching the show. The two set the stage for the future of the show and outline what's to come.