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The ROI of Why

Seeking to uncover the correlation between purpose and business, The ROI of Why explores all things impact-related within different markets and sectors.

Every week, Angie and Andrew investigate the growing shift that is placing people over profits. The two connect with business owners, entrepreneurs and influential members of organizations to better understand what drives their business models to place a heavy emphasis on doing good within their communities, their markets and the world.

Join us as we explore the Conscious Capitalism movement and leadership with Rand Stagen.

Hear how saying “no” has empowered the Disney brand to remain true to itself and how the impact of the four Hs allows it to keep producing entertainment with heart.

Hear how Kevin Hancock’s personal journey and experience at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation propelled Hancock Lumber to a more employee-centric business culture.

Hear what inspired Daycos to commit their business to do more good and how putting the decision in the hands of their employees has made everyone more accountable to their mission.

In this week’s episode, Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Peer shares how developing a diverse field of cadets has changed her view of relationships in the workplace.

Hear Jay Coen Gilbert, one of the three co-founders of the Certified B Corporation movement and B Labs, discuss his call for a reformation to capitalism.

Ed O’Boyle of Gallup joins Angie and Andrew to explore the energy and passion that fuels purpose and his views around driving change within the walls of an organization and the markets they serve.

Angie and Andrew connect with Physicians Thrive to discuss their motivation to develop a mobile app that pairs fitness tracking with financial donations to fund vision correction on a global scale.

Angie and Andrew connect with Chad Kilpatrick and Andrea Wolfe to discuss the growth of Spreetail, the power of impact and the driving impetus of the organization’s drive to do more good in the world.

The first of many conversations from the Do More Good Conference, this week’s episode of the ROI of Why explores purpose, impact and culture from the perspective of Michelle Kinder. Michelle is a speaker, writer, consultant, coach and the former executive director of Momentous Institute.

Angie and Andrew connect with Firespring founder and CEO, Jay Wilkinson. Jay is a visionary and has dedicated the lion’s share of his life to doing more good in the world.

Angie and Andrew discuss their backgrounds and the inspiration for launching the show. The two set the stage for the future of the show and outline what's to come.