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Phone: 402.437.0000

Toll-free: 888.388.5778

Support: 8 a.m.–5:30 p.m. CT


As Nebraska’s first Certified B Corporation, we love working collaboratively with other organizations to identify their purpose and bring it to life.

Powered by purpose.

The only thing better than profit is profit with a purpose, and it feels so good (sing it with us: “so good, so good!”) to team up with like-minded people that share our passion for redefining success in business.

Firespring’s core purpose is to leverage our profit, products and people to do more good.


We deliver on this purpose by giving:
  • 1% of Profits
  • 2% of Products
  • 3% of People

This powerful purpose/values combo multiplied by 200-plus passionate team members equals infinity positive social impact.