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Knowledge is power.

* Even with all the uncertainty we face in the coming weeks with the disruption of COVID-19, you can still count on us to bring you consistent and free education. Check out our resources below and find some special topics that are aimed to help you and your organization during this time. - #love, Firespring

Education without expectation–if it sounds too good to be true, you’ve been working with the wrong people. We pride ourselves on making savvier marketers, so get noshing on this feast of information.

Live Webinars

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Jay Wilkinson will cover what SEO is and how it works. Learn from nonprofits who are experts at search engine optimization and driving traffic to their websites.


Some people say, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We say it’s not that simple.

So, you created a social media strategy for your nonprofit. Things were probably going pretty well at first. You shared a few posts, gained a few followers and started growing your social presence. But then, things slowed down. And now you have no idea what to post anymore. Worse yet, you forget to post, or no one on your team has the time to take it over. Now your accounts just sit there, with no one monitoring them. Does this story sound familiar? All too often, nonprofit organizations try to jumpstart their social media marketing, but after just a few short months, keeping up to date falls to the wayside. How can you ensure your social medi...


We’ve all heard that “knowledge is power,” but it rings true. Spruce up your own knowledge right here.

For the last episode of season one of The ROI of Why, we’re celebrating all the good we’ve discovered in our business community by looking back on our favorite conversations on this show. We’ll share the moments that inspired and enlightened us—and how we can apply these lessons to the unique world we live in now.


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