How to Plan Your Way to a Glorious Giving Day

A Giving Day event is a wonderful opportunity for nonprofits to rally their community and fundraise as much as possible in just one day. So how do you squeeze all the goodness out of those precious 24 hours? Start planning early.

We surveyed 691 nonprofits about their Giving Day planning processes and challenges. From their insights, we determined it takes 6–9 months to plan a fulfilling Giving Day.

1 in 6 nonprofit professionals spent 6+ months on Giving Day planning.

Infographic: Giving day planning


Nonprofits are happier with their Giving Day if they have more prep time.

Infographic: Giving day happiness scale

1 week: 2.52 out of 5 stars | 3 months: 3.16 out of 5 stars | 6 months: 3.43 out of 5 stars




Nonprofits who planned their Giving Day 6+ months in advance earned more donations.

Infographic: Giving day timeline successful campaign

*68% raised more than $5,000.


Nonprofits who planned their Giving Day in 1 month or less raised significantly less.

Infographic: Giving day timeline unsuccessful campaign

*70% raised less than $5,000.




Seemingly insurmountable challenges can keep nonprofits from maximizing their Giving Day to its fullest potential.

Infographic: Giving day challenges


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