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The pursuit of that one powerful, ROI-driving B2B marketing strategy can feel like an endless quest. Marketing best practices are always shifting as trends rise and fall and new marketing technologies emerge. That B2B marketing climb can feel especially uphill because of businesses’ complex buyer’s journey—one full of data-driven decision making and lengthy approval processes. B2B marketing is the process where one business builds a mutually beneficial relationship with another business to buy or sell them their products and services. As businesses’ priorities change, it can be difficult to create a marketing strategy that maintai...

This article was written by Julie Cooper. A copywriter and consultant for nonprofits, Julie specializes in fundraising writing, design and donor communications. Her donor-centric copywriting will enable you to send communications that rival even those of the mega national nonprofits. I’m a designer at heart. Graphic design is one of my passions. I like to “pretty things up”—make them visually appealing and intriguing. Detailed and thought-provoking. Unfortunately, snazzy designs don’t work in fundraising. Effective fundraising has a simple, no-frills design...

You’re on a mission, and in order to fulfill your mission, you need the proper tools and technology. As such, a captivating and engaging nonprofit website should rank pretty high on your list of must-haves; built right, it can be a powerful tool with game-changing technology. Too many times, however, nonprofits opt for what they believe is a cheaper solution, piecing together a website using a module here and a plugin there and even sending their online visitors to a third-party site to do things like make a donation or pay a registration fee. This rarely ends up to be “cheap,” and it can cost them in the form of a poor user experie...

Our experience has taught us a lot—which is why we've developed industry-specific technologies.