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This week we are excited to have our friend and partner Joanna Hogan, Strategic Fundraising Coach, take over our blog and share with you her expertise on how to get the most out of meetings with your donors. It’s often said, “If you can get the meeting you have an 85 percent chance of getting the gift.” Well, that’s only true if you’re strategic with how you plan the meeting and actually make an ask! Moving people closer to making a gift every time you meet with them is critical. And, the ability to transition from small talk into a comfortable and effective solicitation i...

We hear a lot about data these days, and it can seem overwhelming knowing that almost anything can be figured out about us based on our real life and online behaviors. In order to help marketers and nonprofit professionals deal with this avalanche of possibilities, we wanted to touch on a few areas of this rapidly growing field to help cut through the noise and provide actionable steps to harness this power responsibly. This article will briefly examine three areas that we believe will make a marked difference in how your organization uses data: Personas, Journey Mapping, and a quick word about GDPR. ...

When considering all the different ways to communicate openly and honestly with your audience today, it’s ironic that we find ourselves in a constant search for authenticity due to the hyper-curated nature of everything we experience online and in real life. Is everything really that perfect in that influencer’s life? No way. Much of the time, we can’t even be sure someone is real, let alone know whether they believe their own claims about a product or service. The natural skepticism that we all feel about our messaging consumption and participation has been heightened over years of observing sophisticated marketing and advertising,...