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Yes, we’re here for you! Our team and production facilities are fully operational and committed to bringing value to every product and service we provide, including our new Quick Activation Marketing Programs. Rapidly launch targeted (and significantly discounted) campaigns and stay engaged with your audience during this critical time.

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Let’s get to work.

We’re the go-to for marketing, printing, websites and strategic guidance for thousands of businesses and nonprofits all over the world.

Whether you’re a startup, small business or a Fortune 500 company, we’re here to help you intentionally develop your brand and identify your purpose.

Breathe Life Back Into Our Country. Become a Match Fund Donor.

Firespring, Nonprofit Hub and Do More Good have established the #Nonprofit Matching-Fund Initiative, which will maximize donations and increase awareness for nonprofits across the country. We launched this on May 5 in tandem with #GivingTuesdayNow and will continue to accept donations through May 26. Your gift will help nonprofits in all 50 states to get back on their feet and help heal our communities.

Your nonprofit organization needs to manage events, run fundraising campaigns, engage your community and raise awareness. Firespring has the solutions to help you.

One of our primary focuses at Firespring, is to equip nonprofits with robust websites, online tools and the software and marketing services you need to manage events, run fundraising campaigns, engage your community and raise awareness. And with our user-friendly website platform, you’ll be able to do it all from one place. Think “point and click” simplicity with a whole lot of power.

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Zealous is a strong-yet-accurate word for our squad of 200-plus industry leaders, proactive thinkers, makers, dreamers and doers. Whether you want to work with our team or on it, be prepared for backs had and shits given.

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So, you created a social media strategy for your nonprofit. Things were probably going pretty well at first. You shared a few posts, gained a few followers and started growing your social presence. But then, things slowed down. And now you have no idea what to post anymore. Worse yet, you forget to post, or no one on your team has the time to take it over. Now your accounts just sit there, with no one monitoring them. Does this story sound familiar? All too often, nonprofit organizations try to jumpstart their social media marketing, but after just a few short months, keeping up to date falls to the wayside. How can you ensure your social medi...

Trust is essential to fundraising success. When raising funds for an important cause, nonprofits reach out to people asking not only for a donation but also for their trust. People are eager to give, especially in times of crisis, but they also want assurance that their donation is going to the right place. No trust, no donation. That’s why fundraising registration laws are crucial—they protect the generous public. Complying with those laws demonstrates your transparency, accountability and respect for your supporters. Messaging compliance, as well as your mission and impact throughout your fundraising, will maintain your donors’ trust a...

Marketing automation has been around for years, but it’s still something that many companies and organizations don’t use effectively because they think they need expensive technology, the right education or costly resources to make it work. But that’s not true: Automation can be implemented and scaled with the right affordable tools, and it doesn’t have to blow your budget. What is marketing automation?  In a nutshell, it’s managing marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns across multiple channels automatically with the use of technology and tools–this frees y...

Our experience has taught us a lot—which is why we've developed industry-specific technologies.