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We’re halfway through 2019, can you believe it? As summer rages on, we want to introduce you to the awesome applicants who became Firespringers this quarter.  Read on to see what makes each of these new faces a perfect fit for our crazy cool team, two separate skydiving stories and one hot take on Star Wars! Justin Matthews joined our team as a software engineering intern (and he’s SO excited about working with his older brother, Dylan).   Q: What skills do you bring to the table? I’ve played two years of college sports, and as a college...

June 29 marks National Camera Day—it commemorates photography, the camera and the many inventions which have brought us to modern photography and videography practices. From dry plates to film to modern digital photography and the advent of the cell phone camera, photography is one of the first major steps society took toward creating the highly visual culture we live in today. To honor the legacy of Camera Day, we’re talking a bit about the custom photography and videography process here at Firespring. To do so, we sat down with Dustin Wilbourn and Adam Schollmeyer, producers on our motion and sound team, to talk about the tools and ...

Our experience has taught us a lot—which is why we've developed industry-specific technologies.