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When it comes to online marketing, the options are practically limitless for your nonprofit organization. Between search engine optimization, content marketing and social media, where do you start? In a world where technology is constantly expanding our connections, how can your nonprofit build personal relationships with constituents? By going back to the basics: your email newsletter. Over the years, only email has consistently delivered a steady return on investment and tangible results for nonprofit organizations. In fact, according to Nonprofit Tech for Good, despite the rise of social media usage, more online donations are made from...

‘Tis the season for more than pumpkin spice everything. Fall is a popular time for trade shows, and if your brand or business is scheduled to exhibit as a vendor, your booth is going to be your main platform for engaging face-to-face with your audience. Treat it as you would your website or your storefront—with attention to detail and plenty of energy. Here are six ways to make your booth the main attraction, even without the babe: Use bright colors. You’ll need to stand out in the sea of booths that make up most exhibit halls or trade show floors. One...

Having an agency with decades of marketing and advertising experience means getting a team that’s seen the sights and mastered difficult obstacles in addition to having the ability to shape a block of stone (the beginning of a project) into something monumental and worthy of the viewing public (the finished project). All that said, we sat down with our director of client services, Maellyn Hain, to pick her brain on some of the must-haves to make a marketing partnership truly breathtaking for everyone involved. Start with strategy. When you work with Firespring you’re working wi...