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Firespring nonprofit websites

Manage your content.

Goodbye, expensive programmers. Hello, DIY content management. With Firespring’s unique nonprofit website platform, the Springboard, you’re in charge.

Your user-friendly content management system (CMS) allows you to switch out website images and text, add landing pages, build forms, update your blog and more with point-and-click simplicity.

If you’re still using a web developer or computer geek to make changes to your nonprofit website, it’s time to take out the middleman and create a straight line from you to your website. It’ll be so easy to manage your site, you’ll feel empowered overnight.

  • Expandable Website Structure
    Expandable Website Structure

    Update your nonprofit website by adding or deleting unlimited pages and altering navigation menus on the fly. Create landing pages from a selection of conversion-optimized templates to sign up newsletter subscribers, manage user downloads, promote a fundraising campaign and more.

  • Improve site traffic by managing title and description tags on every page of your nonprofit website. Write your own compelling copy to boost your click-through rates and draw visitors in. No time for SEO? No worries. Allow our SEO consultants to help you out.

  • Communicate with board members, staff and volunteers through a password-protected area within your website. Add and update member profiles, committee directories and volunteer affiliations. With easy-to-use member tools, your volunteer, member and board management will become effortless.

  • Customizable Form Builder
    Customizable Form Builder

    Create forms to use on any page of your nonprofit website with a variety of fields and field types.

  • Website Analytics
    Website Analytics

    Act on trends in site traffic by learning who your visitors are, where they’re coming from, what they like and more with Firespring Analytics.

“Manage everything all in one place”—how does that sound for an easy way to streamline your workflow and simplify your life? Firespring’s nonprofit content management system is your key to reduced stress and easier access to your website–plus, it’ll put the kibosh on emergency calls to a web developer who always seems busy when you need them.

Take a brand spankin’ new website (and CMS) for a test drive.