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Giving Day Support

Givesource Plus

Goodbye, hassle. Hello, Givesource. We offer foundations the platform, tools and tech support you need to plan, execute and manage your Giving Day events with ease, putting more money and control into your hands.

Many nonprofits struggle to raise money during Giving Days due to the ridiculously high fees that have plagued the industry for far too long. We were frustrated with the industry status quo. So were changing it.

With Givesource Plus, you can leverage the power of the free open source Givesource platform, plus pay a modest fee to have Firespring fully manage and support the technical side of your Giving Day event.

You pay a little, sure. But compared to the other guys, we offer an unbelievable deal.

  • $7k per event, 1% platform fee
    $7k per event, 1% platform fee
    Givesource Plus

    Compare that to the $10k–$20k event fee and 5–7% platform fee charged by the other guys.

Ready for your best Giving Day ever? Good, we’re ready to help—like Spiderman (without the confining spandex). Call (844) GIVE-123 or contact us to learn more.