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Fundraising Tools

Fundraising Pages for Your Nonprofit Website

Use your nonprofit website to launch branded fundraising pages for your events to help you raise significant funds and build community support.

Nonprofit fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore. With Firespring’s fundraising tools, you’ll be able to launch campaigns in a snap and offer easy online payment processing for all your donors. Plus, accept online registration fees for your fundraisers and events.

  • Use branded fundraising pages to:
    Use branded fundraising pages to:

    • Set goals and track fundraising progress with a built-in thermometer that automatically totals donations made through your nonprofit website.

    • Increase conversions by keeping donors on your site to complete the transaction.

    • Generate fundraising reports for specific campaigns and date ranges.

    • Allow donors to give from any device with a mobile-optimized nonprofit website and fundraising pages.

NAMI Affiliate branded fundraising page for nonprofit website

To learn more about nonprofit fundraising, check out these creative fundraising ideas, get our free copy of Skyrocket Your Mobile Fundraising by 100% or watch our videos on demand.