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Mosaic is a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities.
Case Study



Mosaic Puts the Pieces Together with a Customized Website

Mosaic is a whole-person healthcare organization that reaches across 10 states and provides support to more than 3,700 people. They empower people with disabilities, mental and behavioral health needs and autism as well as aging adults to live their best life. 

Their previous website platform was outdated and hard to manage. Mosaic needed a more current website to attract potential employees and other key audiences. And because they were in a significant growth phase, they also needed a platform that was flexible and manageable so their website could change and adapt as needed.

Mosaic had already successfully employed Firespring’s marketing and print services, so they tapped us to build them an interactive website that would:

  • Attract and engage a national audience.
  • Build their donor base and support their organization’s growth.
  • Serve as a hub of information and resources to local sites and partners.
  • Attract, recruit and retain talent.
  • Serve more people in more communities.

Firespring created a customized, robust, user-friendly website that made an immediate impact on their talent acquisition process. Since they launched their website in May 2019, they’ve had more than 40,000 unique pageviews on their employee careers page, and more than 430,000 unique visits to the website overall.

Visually, the site brought their brand to life and provided a more current and engaging platform for them to communicate their mission and provide thought leadership. They’ve acquired two companies since launching their new site and have more in the pipeline; their new website structure enabled them to create informative acquisition landing pages quickly and easily.

Mosaic received 430,000 unique visits to their Firespring nonprofit website.
an example of what Mosaic's website looks like on desktop and mobile devices.
another example of what Mosaic's website looks like on desktop and mobile devices.

“This project was a great investment for Mosaic. We’ll continue to see the ROI for years to come as we refine and optimize.”

—Taylour Kumpf, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Mosaic