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Case Study

Ohio District Kiwanis Foundation


Growing Website Brings Fundraising

ODKF is an organization focused on the future of the nursing profession. Their mission is to raise, manage and distribute funds to support the programs of the Ohio District Kiwanis family organizations for the improvement of the lives of children and families in Ohio. The work of the foundation helps to change lives, impact communities and nurture the next generation.

The Ohio District Kiwanis Foundation’s biggest challenge was that their audience for donations and financial support was limited to the Kiwanis Family of Clubs, and they needed a better means of engaging with them as well as a robust website that could provide current and prospective donors the ability to both give and register for events online. They were looking for a user-friendly website platform with a great tech support system. 

Firespring provided a powerful website solution, complete with integrated online donation processing, and the Ohio District Kiwanis Foundation enjoyed a huge uptick in traffic, revenue and engagement.

  • Their online donations skyrocketed by 300%.
  • Their online registrations increased by 500%.
  • The foundation’s funds grew from approximately $750,000 to $2.1 million.

Thanks to Firespring Analytics, the foundation members were able to easily track important data points and see significant increases like these across the board. In addition, the Firespring website platform and user-friendly content management system (CMS), the Springboard, allowed the foundation’s staff to operate more efficiently as they were able to do more tasks electronically. And with a more powerful and dynamic website, the foundation also saw much greater engagement from their board members and their member clubs in general.

“When we started with Firespring, we had a foundation with approximately $750,000. Today, after five years with Firespring, we have a foundation with funds of $2.1 million. The ease of use of the website, the improvement of target marketing and the ability to provide timely web-based information has contributed to this growth."

—Alan Penn, Director of Ohio District Kiwanis Foundation