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Case Study

Plains Equipment Group®


With 16 locations across two states, Plains Equipment Group® was experiencing a communication problem. To put it simply, they had an identity crisis and craved cohesion across their locations.

Floods of emails, both between locations and with customers, all showcased differing design elements—and these conflicting pieces looked as though each was coming from a different company.


Firespring was tasked with the development of a unified brand for Plains Equipment Group® so all 16 locations could be consistent in their visual messaging. A brand guide was created so all locations have a central reference point to regard for all communication efforts. In addition to the brand guide, Firespring provided assets specifically designed for print (including large format), digital ads and signage for event promotion.


Plains Equipment Group® is a licensed John Deere dealer and one of the largest one-stop shops for quality ag equipment in the Heartland. Their expert staff offers advisory, servicing and training assistance for the equipment they sell as well as a large selection of inventory across their locations. Promotional materials and event signage were top of mind throughout the development of their brand guidelines to ensure each location could continue operating semi-independently but remain firmly within the Plains Equipment Group® umbrella.