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What’s New


New Spotlight Image Editor

The Spotlight Images, or large sliding images, that appear on your homepage play an important role in drawing in your website visitors. With the new Spotlight Image Editor, you’re able to upload images to your Spotlight library, and edit them directly on the Springboard!


You can access the Spotlight Image Editor in your Spotlight Library, or within the Spotlight content type on your homepage in your Site Structure. To edit an image from your Spotlight Library, simply click the title of the spotlight image you wish to edit. This will open up the new Spotlight Image Editor, with options to Crop, Resize, Rotate, or Flip your images. 


You can also edit your spotlight images from the page they are on in the Springboard. Next to your Spotlight Content Type you’ll see a new Edit Image action button. Clicking this will open the Spotlight Image Editor in a new tab in your browser, where you’ll be able to edit the image as you’d like. Once you Save & Close your new edits, return to the browser tab your site structure is on, and refresh to preview your changes.


For a step-by-step look at the new Spotlight Image Editor, check out our FAQs page.