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Updated Firespring Email Marketing Opt-in

With the Firespring Email Marketing Opt-In integration, it’s easier than ever to collect your website visitors contact information and stay in touch. With our newest update, we’ve beefed up the integration capabilities!  Now you have the ability to collect even more information from your website visitors when they choose to opt-in to your Email Marketing campaign on your website forms.

It’s simple! Create new contact fields in your Firespring Email Marketing Dashboard by clicking Audience > Contact Fields. Create as many as you need to match your website forms. Then, when you choose to connect your Email Marketing with your website form, you can choose what Contact Fields you want to populate, and what Group you want them to be added to within your Email Marketing. You can follow the step-by-step guide in our Email Marketing Opt-in article.

Don’t have Firespring Email Marketing? Contact our Client Success Team at to learn more!