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Website FAQs

Get answers to your questions about the Firespring’s nonprofit websites and get ready to geek out over all the information at your fingertips.



General Nonprofit Website Questions

What control do we have over the design and content?

You can opt for a completely custom nonprofit website design or you can choose a standard design theme and tell us what colors you’d like to use. We’ll do those customizations for you. Images, including mastheads, have a huge effect on how a design looks. You have control over your images and other content throughout the pages of your website all through your content management system, or Springboard.


Are we limited in the number of images we load?

No, there is no limit to the number of images you can load into your image library.


Can we preview the changes we make?

Yes, you have a few choices for previewing. Each page has a Preview link that takes you directly to the page you’re updating to see how it looks. If you prefer, you can remove the page from the navigation of your public website temporarily while you make the changes. That will help ensure the page does not get visitors while you are updating it, and you can still use the Preview button in the Springboard to see it.


Do we need to know a programming language?

The platform is point-and-click simple, designed so you can update text and photos, online forms and event information without needing a programmer.


How do we add an event?

Add an event into your calendar events library by typing a title, selecting the date & time and entering a description. You can further enhance the event listing by adding a photo, contact information and an online event registration form.


How do I connect my nonprofit website to other systems?

All data sent through the website is saved in your website’s admin area with the ability to export for use in other tools. We also provide an open API that allows developers to connect your website transactions and messages into other applications. In addition, you can find us on Zapier, a tool that automates tasks between your website and more than 500 readymade applications like Salesforce, Basecamp and Gmail. And if you’re looking for a donor management tool, we can hook you up. We’re already seamlessly connected to Bloomerang, a donor management system that makes communication with your donors a breeze. Learn more about our content management system.


Is this WordPress?

This is Firespring’s proprietary content management system built specifically for nonprofit organizations. We can also build websites on WordPress, and we’ll work with you to determine what platform will be the best fit for your needs and budget.


How much does it cost?

Firespring offers a variety of pricing options to fit your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us to discuss your goals and receive a unique estimate.


Can we have a map to our location?

Yes, you can display a Google map on your nonprofit website that includes a link where the user can search for more specific directions.


How can you help with our social media and connecting with the community?

We have nonprofit marketing services available that expose you to a team of social media experts who can teach you the ropes, set up your social media pages and even post regularly to your pages.


How can you help with our SEO and connecting with the community?

We have marketing services available that expose you to a team of search engine optimization and digital marketing experts who can teach you the ropes, optimize your content for findability, set up search ads and more.


How does the website address ADA concerns?

Firespring nonprofit websites have tools built right into the platform that allow you to make it more accessible to end users who may not be able to get to your site in a traditional way. It allows for alt tags on photos and forms to make your site more accessible, as well as a standard ‘Skip to Main Content’ function that helps users bypass the navigation. Certain software is designed to read the text content, including headlines and image alt tags, so it’s important to focus on publishing concise and complete content. Depending on your needs, you can choose a design that meets higher levels of accessibility. If you need or want to change colors, we can use tools to test your website’s contrast during the color customization process.


Will our users be able to access our site easily on their mobile devices?

Yes. All of our nonprofit website designs are responsive by default, so your site looks good no matter what device it is viewed on.


Can I send our newsletter via email?

Yes, with our email marketing tool, you’ll have a professional, branded email template with dozens of responsive layout options so you can send consistent, targeted messages to your contact list.


How can I use the site to share information with our community?

You can dedicate an entire section on your site with information for board, staff, members, etc. that includes forms, calendars, documents and more. For more sensitive and private information, you can create password-protected areas where constituents can access secure information and other content you’d like to make available.


Can I add a calendar with events?

Yes. You can even add multiple calendars and categories for different types of events.




Set Up Your Nonprofit Website

What will my domain name be?

Your site will go live at the domain of your choice—the domain name that you have chosen, registered and own. Firespring can also help you register your domain.


How long will it take to make my site permanent and live?

Your new website design will be ready for you within 7–10 business days. Firespring can also help with migrating your website content to give you a head start. Then, it’s up to you to make sure you’ve personalized and customized the content however much you want. Give us the word that you’re ready to go live at your primary domain and we will help to make it happen!


What type of resources do I need to commit to managing the nonprofit website on an ongoing basis?

To keep your website fresh and engaging, we recommend you post weekly updates about your events and relevant information on social media that links to your website. You’ll also want someone responsible for watching for and responding to contact messages that come through your site. These contact messages can be found in your Springboard’s message center, and can also be sent to an email address. You can share these tasks among team members to make it even more manageable.


Do we have to sign a contract?

Our clients choose to do business with us every month. Your service continues until you decide to make a change.


Will my branding be incorporated into the theme I choose?

You’ll provide us with your logo, and it will appear on every page of your nonprofit website. Colors used in your chosen design theme can be customized accordingly. Your website domain is yours and imagery can be updated to appeal to your audience and represent your cause.


Do you provide email services as well?

Yes, Firespring can host your email at your primary domain. Cost is $15/month for each group of 10 mailboxes.


What is ongoing support?

Ongoing support means you may call or email the account team with questions about your site, at no cost. Ever. You also have access to a video tutorials library, online FAQs and may attend live training webinars. All for free.



Online donations and accepting payments

How do online payments work?

Firespring has an integrated payment gateway with Nelnet Payment Services, as well as PayPal and Authorize.Net, so supporters never have to leave your website to make a secure donation.


What are your fees for credit cards?

With our integrated payment gateway Nelnet Payment Services, we follow an upfront, flat rate pricing model for nonprofits. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express rates are 3% per donation and ZERO transaction fees.


How secure are payment transactions?

Our payments partner Nelnet Payment Services is PCI DSS Level 1 certified and provides end-to-end encryption and tokenization for credit card transactions. These safeguards exist to protect sensitive information and reduce your PCI compliance responsibilities. Your donor information is safely vaulted 24/7/365.


What data is collected when someone completes a form?

The data your website visitor enters into the form fields is stored in your message center. When it comes to credit card fields, the cardholder name, card type, expiration and transaction ID and dollar amount is captured and the credit card number is encrypted. Only the last four digits of the card number are visible.


Do you provide mobile transactions?

Visitors to your website who are using their mobile device can access a payment form on your website. Further, you can opt for a mobile add-on that is available with Nelnet Payment Services that connects to a phone, tablet or laptop for reading magstripes.


How do we receive the funds?

With Nelnet Payment Services, the funds automatically deposit into your bank account within 2 business days.


How are the fees handled?

With Nelnet Payment Services, the fees automatically deduct before depositing the funds into your bank account.


Can I create fundraising events on our nonprofit website?

Yes, you can launch fundraising campaigns in a snap and offer easy online payment processing for all your donors. Set goals and track your progress with a built-in thermometer that automatically totals donations made through your website. Plus, accept online registration fees for your fundraising events.